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2011 - ?

Amsterdam, NL , Composer ☺ Electronics Development Robot Theater Electronics felipe ignacio noriega

Computing... ... ... $:\ Data Analysis shows that from 2014 until today can be defined as a period of collaborations and emancipation from the academic limitations... Do you want to see a human-readable view of what i say?

I am a robot designed to take you through this portfolio.

Apart from guiding you in this interactive portfolio I can't do much. However, my master **FELIPE IGNACIO NORIEGA** has promised to program into me some dancing and singing capabilities in the near future.

Here you can scroll through fragments of various pieces...


OFF<>ZZ *Live coding session* (2013)

MARIA (2012)


LAKE ***prize winning opera*** (2012)

O Misterio de Barba Azul **Amsterdam Chamber Opera production in Brazil** (2012)

A voz Humana **Amsterdam Chamber Opera production in Brazil & NL** (2011-2012)

SORRY MIJNHEER! TOT MORGEN! **Amsterdam Chamber Opera production WOEST! in NL** (2011)

We are listening to an excerpt from THE MILL SONG. A piece inspired by the origins of clog dance in the industrial revolution as well as London's Grime rap scene. This music-theatre work tells of a girl working in a mill, hypnotically moving from states of frustration to escapism to a battle confrontation. The percussive clogs are translated into resonating harmonies through wireless electronics hidden on the body, manipulated live and by using the hands, face and mouth as a filter: body and sound are one integrated entity.

You can scroll down for more fotos...

@composers' festival amsterdam 2013

@composers' festival amsterdam 2013

These are from the laptop piece: ROBOT THEATER NACHO CAMACHO...

@composer's festival amsterdam 2013

^^using a nintendo wii controller

Photos from the opera LAKE...

@Enschede 2012

@2Scoremusictheater competition final 2012

Photos from the lift installation in 2013...

@Amsterdam 2013

@composers' Festival CvA 2013

@the hug

Wireless electronics is the epicenter of Felipe's artistic research and work in the last years. You can read more about it in his master thesis handbook...

Inside this portfolio you can browse Felipe's Master thesis, read his personal reflection over the study, or have a look at Felipe's work over the past 2 years...


"... The last years in Amsterdam have definetly been crucial in my life. Many things have happened and I've grown up in many senses. The Conservatory and my main teachers, Jorrit & Willem, have played a defining role in the way I see myself nowadays as a composer, as a performer, a musician... and -here comes the word- an artist.

When I first arrived to Amsterdam in 2009 I remember that during my application interview I was told that I was accepted because you (the teachers) thought that I had something interesting to say but that due to my background and education in Mexico I was still holding myself in. The moment you hear this you don't easily realize how could you be holding yourself in, because one is used to a certain lifestyle/paradigms in Mexico, so i didn't pay much attention to the comment. However, after almost 5 years of being in this country, working hard and evolving, I finally feel I am in touch with who I am.

Thanks to the intuition oriented approach that was supported by my composition teachers I could basically start doing what I wanted, even if it meant going out of 'music composition'. I mean, I simply let myself loose in my strongest passions -> technology, music, the laptop, illusions. And this letting loose has been so strong that nowadays i don't worry what people might think about my profile, or how they wish to categorize me as a musician: 'composer'? 'performer'? 'music-theater'? 'electronics'? 'interdisciplinary'?
I simply don't pay attention to this anymore, I do what I like and I enjoy what I do. And I have fun, otherwise I wouldn't spend so many hours in front of the laptop or spending my free time understanding electromagnetism, electricity, robot dance, or anything else I can put my hands on.

... trying to close up the relfection: I believe that I am ready to continue my quest outside of the Conservatory. A quest that began the moment I left Mexico and that I know will go on because I am still hungry for freshness, innovation, wonder, and fulfilment. I also feel I have found a path I enjoy walking, and I am chasing something I deeply believe in -> I am convinced that my research in the dramaturgical approach to wireless/hidden electronics has still a lot of potential for development -> I already have various ideas I want/will put into practice either on my own or with the support of the many collaborators and fellow artists that I have met and bonded with in my time here.

I am also happy to be able to present this interactive portfolio, as a means of contributing to the acknowledgement of computer musicianschip -> where every excuse is a good excuse to express yourself and your work..."

This is an overview of Felipe's work in the last period...

TELE-COMM (2013)

This music-theater piece will find its premiere on June 18th 2013. Cheap 2nd hand rotary telephones from the 70's & 80's were used to develop the electronics with circuit bending aesthetics. This piece marks the discovery of how to use analogue audio to generate movement of devices (with magnets and coils)

Flute: Kata Szanyi | Dancer & Dramaturgy: Cinthya Oyervides | Music: Felipe Ignacio Noriega


Collaborative piece for voice and Laptop done with composer Matyas Wettl. It enhances the fixed electronics with Live Coding moments.

Voice & Lyrics:
Matyas Wettl | Laptop & electronics : Felipe Ignacio Noriega

OFF<>ZZ (2013)

Off<>zz is a laptop and piano/toypiano duo exploring electro-acoustic music via improvisation, live coding, and transformation of classical-music influences into a more collective experience.

Piano & voice: Anne Veinberg | Laptop: Felipe Ignacio Noriega


Music-theater piece for clogs and live wireless electronics. This piece was the culmination of Sarah Jeffery's master thesis for which she got an unprecedented mark of 10.
Clogs: Sarah Jeffery | Dramaturgy: Cinthya Oyervides | Music & electronics: Felipe Ignacio Noriega

score (in new tab) | photos


Music-theater piece for solo laptop. This piece is an exploration of how synchronized movement, wireless technilogies, and a good dramaturgy can come together to create a different way of performing live electronic music.

Dramaturgy: Cinthya Oyervides | Music & electronics: Felipe Ignacio Noriega



Arrangement of the Bartok's Bluebeard opera for Amsterdam Chamber Opera's production in Sao Paolo, Brazil in 2012. The ensemble is alto saxophone, bass clarinet, cello and laptop.

Arrangement and direction: Felipe Ignacio Noriega

score (in new tab)

MEMENTO (2012)

Music-theater piece for flute, dancer and live electronics

Flute: Kata Szanyi | Dancer & Dramaturgy: Cinthya Oyervides | Music: Felipe Ignacio Noriega

score (in new tab)

MARIA (2012)

Short opera for bike, actress & countertenor based on texts by W. Szymborska and P. Neruda.

Man: Harm Huson | Woman: Cinthya Oyervides | Live electronics: Felipe Ignacio Noriega | Regie: Liliane Brakema | Dramaturgie: Roose Euwe | Light design: Simone Eggen | Music: Felipe Ignacio Noriega

score (in new tab)

LAKE (2012)

A prize winning (2ScoreMuziektheater publieksprijs 2012) opera for countertenor, sorprano, mime, 2 chorus female singers, percussion and tuba.

M: Harm Huson | GoldFish: Aleksandra Anisimowicz | Fisherman: Luc Boyer | Pickiners: Sandra Puyols & Reka Takascy | Slagwerk: Arend Bruijn | Tuba: Dani Sanchez | Regie: Cinthya Oyervides | Dramturgie: Dorine Cremers | Libretto: Nikolett Nemeth | Scenography: Simone Eggen | Music: Felipe Ignacio Noriega

score (in new tab) | photos

JULIETA (2012)

Piece for sax solo and hidden/ wireless electronics. Based on Garcia Lorca's surrealistic play 'The Public'

Saxophone: Jody Vianen | Dramaturgy: Cinthya Oyervides | Music: Felipe Ignacio Noriega

score (in new tab)


Installation designed in Supercollider to synchronize sound along lifts. The installation was adapted and enhanced with theatrical meaning for the Composers' Festival 2013 in Amsterdam.

Electronics & design: Felipe Ignacio Noriega | Actress: Cinthya Oyervides | Actor: Anthony L. Dunstan



piece commisioned by November Music Festival 2011. Solo Harp with hidden/ wireless electronics.

Harp: Victoria Davies

score (in new tab)


Arrangement of F. Poulenc's opera 'La voiz humaine' for Amsterdam Chamber Opera for the 2011-2012 season. The piece has been performed in Brazil and The Netherlands.

Arrangement and direction: Felipe Ignacio Noriega

score (in new tab)

WOEST (2011)

A 1 hour long music-theater piece for Laptop solo and actor. Commissioned by Odara Theatergroep. The piece was premiered at Podium Mozaïek Theater Amsterdam in November 2011.

Regie en vormgeving: Marcos Rabello | Tekst: Peet van Duijnhoven | Spel: Zouhair Mtazi | Muziek: Felipe Ignacio Noriega

In a few words, Felipe's thesis is focused artistically in Magical Reality and wireless electronics, and practically in proving how a specialized use of a laptop opens many expressive horizons...

Apart from guiding you in this interactive portfolio I can't do much more. However, my master **FELIPE IGNACIO** has promised to program into me some dancing and singing capabilities in the near future.